Those mad and crazy riders that will be riding 1664 miles across Great Britain on 18th-30th June next year. God bless you folks.


Rebecca "Bex" Washington... the long Scoots event organiser.. general fruit cake n nut job!!! if its daft, scary or down right dangerous... she'll do it...all for the very best of causes..

Al "Jocknee" Lee ....the man to mend ur scooter!!! He can rebuild an entire scoot with his eyes closed, his hands tied behind his back whilst submerged 20 feet in shark infested water!!!! A handy guy to know!!!!

Rich "ScooterPerv" Parsons... otherwise known as Scooter Perv!!!! The long scoots route designer/project manager!! If its old, rusty, german or something you wouldnt be seen dead on... he'll buy it!!!!!!!!

Shaun Washington... the Joker!!!!! Collector of all things rusty, ebay fanatic and salad dodger!!!! Should have been a pikey.... anyone wanna buy a motor????

Karl "Orangeman" Beeston... affectionally known as Orangeman... No.. he's no relation of David Dickinson !! Original 80s scooterist and scooter scene die hard!!!!!

Steve "Pirate" Wareham.....he was born bald... he'll die bald!!! as long as it aint on the ride!!!!!! SKINHEAD SKINHEAD SKINHEAD!!!!

Steve "Marmite" Marshall... otherwise known as Marmite... Is it cos you either love him or hate him???? No.... his scooter is decorated with decals of the stuff...... and they say we are mad!!!!!!!!!!

Jon Kavanagh.....a self confessed "scooter newbie" he's been heard to say "forget the misspent youth... looking to the misspent adulthood!!!!" Our kind a guy!!!!!

Mark Traverse .. he's Mr technology but his skills dont run to scooter mechanics!!! His idea of a pre-ride check list is.... Mirrors: polished! Tootal scarf..ON! ... 'was that petrol or diesel i just put in'..........

Kai Elliott..... thinks he's a Pirate... rides a Lammy...... 'I see break downs ahead Captain!!! Man over board!!!!!!' Spends hours out metal detecting, yea right.... We all know he's up and down the road looking for bits that fell off his ultra reliable Lambretta!!!!!

Gary "OLAS ScooterClub"......The music man!! Boss sounds ska DJ!!!!! Gary is the ultimate Skinhead all big boots n big heart!!!!! Gary will be DJing at every event we host!!! .... Oh did I mention he's a hardcore party animal.....................

Mick....Mick "speed demon" Waters, loves any thing with 2 wheels as long as he can race it!!! X member of the Tornados SC and new memeber of the LSD!!!


We welcome Kelvin Howland as our new support vehicle drivers. Kelvin comes form the OLAS SC stable (didn't know he was a horse. lol) and is as easy to get on with as anyone could be. Top bloke!

Also welcome aboard Sue Kavanagh, one of our back-up drivers...hope she knows what she has let herself in is going to be a real struggle to keep the van going at a top speed of 40mph for 9 days.